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Student Services

Student Services

Career Counseling:

It has been observed that the students lack vision on their long term goals due to which they ‘tangle in limbo’. At this juncture, any outside expert advice, other than parents and friends, becomes mandatory to overcome their confidence. Our team of learned education counselors talks with the students, keeping in view their ambitions, academic & work background. Our experienced staff helps them to choose a course which suits their interest, educational background and economic circumstances.

 Selection of Study Destination:

We understand the dilemma that a student goes through once he decides to go abroad for higher studies. We at Habib Law Associates, assist the student in selecting the country most appropriate for them according to their interest and requirements. Our highly educated and fully updated staff provides all the information about the desired country i.e. weather, culture, language, society, cost of living, tuition fee, environment, immigration laws, economy, educational system etc.

Selection of Right Courses, Programs and Institutions:

It is a very crucial decision and we advise our students not to be rushed. It is very important for the students to be very happy with the choice of course and the institution is going to join. At Habib Law Associates, we ensure that students are able to identify the institutions offering courses which closely meet their present and long term goals and develop their potential. We provide extensive counseling to the prospective student regarding different courses and institutions option available. Complete information of courses in universities/colleges is provided to the students. We provide further information about the university through Brochures and websites for student reference. At Habib Law Associates, we make sure that we get the right person for the right place. However, for the satisfaction of the overseas education providers, we can arrange online interview with the students. We are fully equipped with the latest devices, software (like SKYPE), technical staff and environment. .

Advice for Scholarships:

In addition to scholarships offered by educational institutions themselves, there are several other sources that may be considered for funding the education. Counselors at Habib Law Associates, guide students on how to apply for a scholarship. Our counselors keep on searching for the donor agencies willing to benefit the deserving students. We help students complete the process in gaining scholarships to support their studies.

Assistance with Application Forms for Admission:

A good application makes a positive impact on the institution; the student has applied to, thereby increasing the possibility of securing admission. We assist all our students with documentation required to be submitted along with the application forms. We assist them with the filling of application forms, guidance in preparation of Recommendation Letters, Statement of Purpose. Along with the application we also send our recommendation letter to the College/University highlighting the strengths of the student. The admission tutor considers this letter in their decision making. We make sure that the student’s documents are attested by the concerned authorities, to prove their originality and authenticity. 

Liaise on with Universities for Offer Letters:

Our counselors keep in regular contact with the colleges and universities abroad regarding the status and progress of student’s application. Therefore, our students are relieved of the follow up activity. We keep a proper follow up with the Universities ensuring quick response.

Visa Guidance:

Once the student has received an offer letter from the university/college, we guide him in preparing the various documents required for obtaining a student’s visa. We check that all the papers in the student’s file are arranged and submitted according to the high commission/embassy requirements. We also counsel the students for their visa interview.

 Pre-departure Briefings:

This includes advice on the necessary arrangements students must make before traveling to their destination. We advise them on clothing, climate, foreign exchange, travel, airport-pickup by institutional staff etc.

Post-departure Assistance: 

Our associates in different countries take care of the initial requirements of the students. They ensure that the students are well settled abroad and adapt well to the country and the culture.

Blended with the unique, professional, and expert services can provide personal guidance and assistance on any aspects of overseas education including the choice of universities and colleges, planning, university entry, undergraduate and post-graduate studies, foundation & professional training, as well as any educational issues regarding overseas education.